Twitter Talk by Matthew Owen

Twitter is the largest growing social media platform and is the talking point for almost everyone. Whether it's apiece of breaking news, entertainment or drama, Twitter is the home to it all. However, what makes Twitter stand out amongst other social media websites is the genuineness of the conversations there. You get to see people expressing their true genuine selves. That is precisely what you need when you are marketing a business. I have spent enough time growing and marketing businesses to know that identifying your real audience is crucial.

While that may be true to an extent, there's so much more to Twitter than meets the eye. Let me walk you through it all!

Let me offer you the golden ticket to success if you own a business - Twitter. Don't get me wrong; I know how it sounds. You might even be calling me a madman right now. But as an entrepreneur with a record of success, I can wholeheartedly tell you that Twitter is my secret weapon. How might you ask?

192 million people use Twitter daily. 63%of that number are people aged between 35-65. Imagine the possibilities if you decide to use Twitter to market your business. 67% of all B2B businesses already do it. So, do you have a reason not to?

See, the thing about Twitter is anybody can interact with anybody. A person with 0 followers can talk to a person with1 million followers. It literally puts you out there. But then the question you might ask is, "If anyone can interact with anyone, how do people still fail to build a good profile?". Everyone can make a Twitter account, but not everyone knows how to use it to its full potential. This is where I come in!

With a 99% success rate in 1000 different IT projects, I can elevate your brand's reputation to unheard-of heights. With the help of Twitter and a few tricks of my own, you'll be building connections and relationships with high-quality people around the world. I'm a firm believer in helping people reach their true potential, and my passion for Twitter allows me to do that.

I have launched products and built communities on Twitter. There is no rocket science, but you need to know the right tips and tricks to make it work. Therefore, attending my weekly Twitter Talk can be your road to Twitter success! Scheduled for 2 pm every Friday, they are absolutely free! Join me in these sessions, and I guarantee that your Twitter profile will be flooded with interactions. Of course, adding Twitter to your marketing campaign will cost you nothing, but having it in your arsenal will make the world your oyster.

Whether you choose to board the Twitter trend or not, one thing is for sure; Twitter will continue its growth. It's already the most influential social media platform of this age. It's not something I will recommend missing out on. Give my Twitter talk a shot, and you'll never want to leave Twitter again. It's a platform for everyone, but it's effective for a few. The Twitter talk will make Twitter effective for you and your business, and you'll be able to enjoy remarkable results.

I'll see you there!